The tweets during his keynotes tell the story: “Thought-provoking,” “So inspired” “brilliant!” “A great story teller”. Emanuel is a dynamic speaker who will engage your audience through stories, videos, research, and ongoing interaction. He has presented his work at numerous conferences and company events. They include:

Emanuel's presentations include business topics as well as topics related to his latest memoir "If Anyone Calls, Tell Them I Died".

"If Anyone Calls, Tell Them I Died". Discussing his latest book, Emanuel tells his family story which demonstrates the devastating consequences of Nazi persecution, even for survivors who fled Europe before WWII and did not experience the horrors of the Holocaust. The discussion includes some important lessons about the heavy psychological toll of uprooting, about suicide, identity, and belonging,

Absolute Value. Emanuel explores the challenges and opportunities marketers face when consumers base their decisions on reviews from other users and expert opinions. He identifies the old-school marketing concepts that need to be reevaluated and explains why many of the current mantras about the importance of brand, loyalty, and positioning will become even less relevant in the future.

The Anatomy of Buzz.

Emanuel discusses proven techniques for stimulating customers to spread the word online and offline. He also covers common misconceptions about word of mouth and social media and includes some practical tips to get you started. The session lasts anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes and includes research, stories, videos, and Q&A.

Here’s what organizers of past events have said about Emanuel’s presentation:
“Emanuel captivated our meetings, stimulated our audience, and left a lasting impression. We continually hear our clients quoting his book, and referencing it in our strategic planning sessions.”

Fred Jacobs, President, Jacobs Media    


“Rosen’s speeches don’t have filler or fluff. Instead he nourishes his audience with intelligent, practical, and fascinating insights into the creation of buzz. Marketers would be wise to listen up!”

Deborah Branscum, Journalist and creator of the Buzz conference


“I’d highly recommend his presentation to any conference, any convention, any luncheon meeting that wants to give those in attendance great tools they can immediately apply to advance their marketing goals.”

Marsha Lindsay, President and CEO, Lindsay Stone and Briggs


“…Emanuel Rosen explains what savvy marketers can do to create their own positive ‘buzz,’ and not leave as much to chance. His case studies are both fascinating and wonderfully amusing.”

Marianne Flatley, Communications Director, DDB New York